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Monday, April 4, 2011


Saudi Arabia is currently the largest hirer of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)and has the largest Filipino workers among middle east countries. Most of the workers are engineers, architect, office workers and skilled workers like drivers etc. Filipinos, whether you like it or not lived in a liberated,open-minded and modern life. And obviously it is a very opposite life in Arab countries especially here in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And that is why SEX is the major taboo in this country.

It is a nature for us filipinos to have some talks about sex, whether it is by a green jokes or serious discussion. March 29, 2011, a group of Filipino workers (including me) came up with a conversation about sex while going to our camp. We laugh out loud sharing our sex experiences and sexcapades. And the topic is "Wildest Places You Had Sex". Here are the top ten answers:

1. At the rooftop (cat style)
2. Lavatory in the Airplane
3. Public Bus going to Province
4. Morgue - with lady embalmer (parang di ko yata kaya)
5. Hunted House - Making Porn movies (binayaran daw sya ng P10,000, kaloka)
6. Underwater- with Diving instructress (sosyal)
7. Public Toilet- Bus Terminal
8. Conference Room - After meeting with secretary
9. In an abandoned shack
10. Shopping Mall- C.R

Hahay (sigh), OFW in KSA just contented telling their sex stories, sexcapades coz they knew it's a big HARAM (forbidden) here in Kingdom to do such things or else you put behind bars up to 2 years.

to be continued...